Christine Hia is going to have to buy herself an Akubra and some RM Williams Boots because it is time for her to call Australia Home!

The Malaysian based Christine is the Ladies Event Champion here at the Sydney Championships which marks the 3rd title that she has won here at the Star Poker Room. The other two titles for Christine both came at the WSOP Sydney but for Christine, this Ladies Event title was probably the most fun.

"I really enjoyed playing this event,” Christine told the Star Poker Live Reporting Team. “It is always great to play here in the Star Poker Room but the thing that I liked most were the Ladies in the tournament. It was a really great group of ladies from Start to finish and playing with them made things a lot of fun”.

Christine came to the final second in chips behind chip leader, Rebecca Kinnane. The two big stacks ended up being the final two when the tournament finished but they took very different roads to go there.

Whilst Christine had a relatively quiet final table the same was not true for Rebecca, she busted out most of the other final table players and amassed a monster stack. In fact, by the time we got to heads-up poker, Rebecca held a 5:2 chip lead over Christine.

The two battled back and forth in an exciting, but quick heads up battle. The key hand that would completely shift the momentum was when Christine managed to win a big race. She moved all in with Ah Qs and was called by Rebecca with 8c 8d. The board ran out 3s Tc Ad 3d Qs and left Rebecca decimated with just 5 big blinds. Both players moved all in on the next hand and Christine was crowned our champion with Queen high, quite fitting for the Ladies Event.

With 70 runners, the event was a great success and shows the growth of Ladies Poker here in Sydney. After seeing the skill of some of the players in this tournament, don’t be surprised to see the ladies make some serious waves in the mixed company events throughout the rest of the series!