Yu Chen moved to Sydney from Melbourne (a wise move in our opinion) only recently. What better way to handle moving to a new city then being crowned the champion of it!

That is exactly what Yu Chen has done here, taking out the Mixed Event and picking up the title and $17,366 in cash.

This wasn't Yu's first deep run here during the Sydney Championships, she finished 18th in the Opening Event and was unlucky to not make it all the way after some sickening beats.

"The end to the Opening Event was pretty disappointing," Yu told the Star Poker Live Reporting Team. "I was going really well and was hoping to get a good result".

While that didn't happen in that event, it certainly did here today where she has outlasted an incredible tricky final table with the likes of Jessie McKenzie and Connie Graham to take down the title. 

"It was a tough tournament, they were very good players," Yu continued. "I came into the final table with a short stack and had to get quite lucky to stay alive".

It wasn't just luck for Chen though, she was given the nickname of the Silent Assasin through the tournament and with good reason. She may not have said a lot but when she went after her opponents' chips she went for them with full force.

Yu is new to Sydney so whilst she wasn't very well known before today she has certainly made a name for herself now. Expect to see more of her in the Star Poker Room and throughout the rest of the Sydney Championships.

"I am really enjoying the Sydney Poker scene. This is a great venue and the Sydney Championships has been excellent. I am looking forward to playing more events," Yu concluded.