When you look at Tim Ulmer's resume there is something that stands out.

His first ever tournament win came in 2011 at the PCA. He won the 6-Max event.

Ulmer has gone deep in many tournaments since then but lifted the trophy for the first time since then in August down in Melbourne. Once again he won a 6-Max tournament. This time it was the Melbourne Championships. Fast forward to today and Ulmer has won the third tournament of this carer, once again it was a 6-Max event.

"It's so crazy," Ulmer told the Star Poker Live Reporting Team. "I have never thought of myself as a 6-max player". 

Ulmer may have never thought of himself as a 6-Max player but he proved today that he definitely was one and picked up the first WSOP Circuit Gold Ring of what is starting to turn into an illustrious poker career.

There is no over-arching strategy to Ulmer's tournament play and nobody could ever accuse him of complacency. It doesn't matter his position in the tournament, Ulmer tries to be very consistent with his approach to the game.

"I never get too hung up on where I am coming in the tournament or how I am doing," Ulmer said. "I take each hand how it comes and try to think of every hand individually". This approach clearly seems to work for him.

Ulmer outlasted 341 players to pick up his first WSOP title and this was not an easy field. There were tough spots everywhere. This started with his heads-up opponent, Antonis 'Toothpick Tony' Karambouroglou who has had a phenomenal series so far here at the WSOP Sydney, already making the final table of the $5k Challenge and cashing in several other events.

Also at the final table was Ulmer's good friend and WSOP Turbo Champ, Jarrod Thatcher, who was very impressive today and could very easily have claimed his second WSOP title if things went his way. Also on the final table was a man who needs no introduction in Australian tournament circles. Daniel 'Moses' Neilson. Neilson has over $2.3m in tournament earnings and came into this final table in a commanding position. He would have loved to do go further today and will rue the missed opportunity. But it will only be a matter of time before we see him making a deep run again.

Ulmer expects that we will see a lot more of him over the final week of the WSOP Sydney. He moved to Sydney about 2 years ago and since then has loved the comradery and mateship that is symbolic of Australian Poker.

"I love playing at the Star," Ulmer continued. "The staff are great, the games are great. Although do you know what the best thing about playing in Australia is? The people. The people are so much fun here. Everyone has a good time, it is such a great environment to play poker in." 

We are glad to hear that Ulmer has such a good time playing with all of the other Sydney poker players in the Star Poker Room. Afterall, he picked up a WSOP Title, a highly sought after WSOP Circuit Gold Ring and $93,787 in the process. Who wouldn't love it?