Amanda Gillard ladies winner - fixed


NewsPosted 15-12-2017

When Amanda Gillard came to the Star Poker Room today to take part in the 2017 WSOP Sydney Ladies Event she was very clear as to why she was here.

“This is what I came here for,” Gillard told the Star Poker Live Reporting team whilst holding up her WSOP Sydney Circuit gold Ring. Well Amanda… mission accomplished.

Poker has become a growing part of Gillard’s life this past year. She is a very proud member of the ‘APL Outer West’ Poker Team and she also took her first trip to Vegas this year to compete in the WSOP Monster Event. Whilst she didn’t cash there it was obvious to everyone watching today that a big tournament score was inevitable.

“An hour into today’s play I was down to just 2,900 chips,” Gillard said. A very low figure considering the 10,000 start stack.

“I just stayed focused and kept playing my game. There was a key hand with two and a half tables to go. I had pocket sixes and was all in against two other players. I held there and that gave me the chip lead.”

Gillard never looked back from that point, she was either on or near the chip lead for the rest of the tournament.

The final table was no easy task for Gillard though with several good players sparring against each other. Her heads up opponent, Leanne Haas, has plenty of experience. Sadly, she is best known for being on the wrong end of a previous heads up battle. She finished runner up during the 2013 WSOP Ladies Event and was hoping to go one better today. Unfortunately Gillard stood in her way.

Our third place finisher was Quin Jian. Jian was a very tricky opponent for Gillard, sat to her immediate right. Eliminating her was a large part of the reason why Gillard was able to go all the way this evening.

“She was so aggressive, she would just go all in every hand,’ Gillard recalled. “I had to find a time to go up against her and I couldn’t get one. Finally I got ace-diamond.gif2-diamond.gif when she had 4-heart.gif4-spade.gif and was lucky enough to win and eliminate her.”

From there it was really never in doubt, Gillard went from strength to strength and took home $10,354 as well as a prized WSOP Circuit Gold Ring.

Today marked the first trip for Amanda Gillard to the Star Poker Room and it certainly won’t be her last.

“This place is amazing, it is a great place to play poker,” Gillard said. “I will definitely be back here when the Star Poker Festival is on next year to represent my APL Outer West team!”

If Gillard is back then, everyone else better watch out. She could be looking for title number two!