It is always a great night when the Teams Event is on in any tournament series here in the Star Poker Room.

You can hear the crowd from far into the casino as players yell and cheer for their Team Mates. These events are normally a great deal of fun with everyone enjoying the fast-paced structure. That atmosphere continued all the way through the night as players formed bonds with the other players on their tables whenever they were on break. It makes an interesting dynamic for a poker tournament, chatting to somebody for twenty minutes over a drink before sitting down and playing poker with them.

You may have assumed that the fun and frivolity would drop away by the time our players reached the final table, well you would be wrong. If anything the banter increased as the crowd gathered around our final table. It truly has been one of those evenings where poker was the real winner.

Whist that may be true, we do need to have an actual winner, in this particular instance, that winning team is the combination of Michal Jalc and Erden Ibrahim who would outlast everyone and take home the title here in a final table and the winners cheque of that took place so quickly, we barely had time to write down all the hands.

Whilst tonight was certainly about fun, tomorrow will be all about business with the $20,000 High Roller starting. It is quite amazing to think that the scene of tonight's fun and festivities will tomorrow become a battle arena for some of the world's best poker players.