The Bounty Event was the final event on the 2018 Sydney Championships Schedule. Whilst it is always a highlight on the tournament calendar the scheduling of it on this occasion did actually raise a few eyebrows as it was put on for a Monday afternoon instead of it's usual Sunday.

Any question as to whether this would be an issue for the number of runners or not quickly disappeared as a massive 252 runners entered to take part in this always entertaining event. With valuable bounties on offer meaning, you picked up $100 for every player you eliminated, players attention was drawn between accumulating chips and just trying to bust out as many other players as possible.

The massive field meant that 27 players would be paid. By the time we got to our final table, there was a large number of pros left trying to get their hands on the Sydney Championships title.

Jarryd Godena was one of the most well-known players in contention as the tournament drew towards the end. With nearly $400,000 in tournament earnings to his name including a previous Sydney Championships 5k Challenge title under his belt, many felt that he would have the end game experience in the Star Poker Room to wrap this one up. He ended up going out in 5th place close, but not close enough.

Dylan 'The Possum' Kehoe is an Irish born pro who likes to call Australia home. When you look at his tournament results in this country it is not hard to see why. Among his many accolades is a 1st Place finish in a 6 Max Perth Poker Championship tournament as well as a deep run in both EPT Barcelona and WSOP Millionaire Maker Events. Kehoe would end up finishing in 4th place, leaving three unknowns on the tournament sphere to attempt to break out and make a name for themselves. 

In the end, it was Darius Stanaitis who did just that. He took complete control of Christopher Small in their heads up battle and went on to win the title and pick up a massive $24,754 payday.

A result like this certainly puts Stanaitis on the map. We look forward to seeing him back in the winners' circle when big tournament action comes back to Sydney a little later this year!