There were lots of things for players to like about this 10 Year Hyper Turbo Championship held here in the Start Poker Room. Although the $26,100 in bonus prize money was probably the one the players liked the most.

The tournament needed 223 players to cover the $100,000 guarantee and got just 165 players meaning that the Star Poker Team contributed more than one-quarter of the prize pool on offer. From discussions with the team here this is not something that they minded, the tournament was all about celebrating the 10 Years of continued success that the Sydney Championship has enjoyed in a fun, new way. Given the overwhelming feedback and support from players who took part, we would say that is mission accomplished.

The action was fun and fast the whole way through with players genuinely enjoying the non-stop entertainment. Cheering and yelling could be heard throughout as players went all-in and called with a wide and varied range of hands, to try and keep ahead of the escalating blinds which inevitably led to a highly entertaining number of bad beats and brutal suckouts.

The tournament rocketed on at light speed, a lot of thanks for that has to go to our runner-up, Ehsan Amiri. He was very active throughout many stages of the tournament and knocked out more than half of the players on the final table on his own.

In the end though, it would be Adam Cusenza who would take the title after winning a series of all in's heads up to turn a 7:1 chip disadvantage into a chip lead within just a few hands. He is our winner tonight and can now add a Sydney Championships title to his resume. The Adelaide local has one a hand full of tournaments previously, however, this is the only one that he has won outside of South Australia.

Well done to Adam Cusenza, the 2018 Sydney Championships Hyper Turbo Champion!