The Star Poker Sydney Jackpot

If winning a hand with the stone cold nuts is not enough to scratch your itch, then the brand new Star Poker Sydney Jackpot could be just what you need. The Star Poker Sydney Room offers an exciting new Jackpot, giving players more ways to win, more often! This dynamic new product adds to the impressive range of facilities and offerings already available in Australia's premier poker room.

The Star Poker Sydney Jackpot Royal Flush Jackpot gives you the opportunity to win no less than $10,000 dollars if you flop a royal flush on an eligible table - That's just the start! The Star will contribute a pre-determined amount from the rake on every eligible hand played to the jackpot counter, ready and waiting for that one lucky player.



Win a minimum of $10,000 cash!

On what tables can I win the jackpot?
Any Texas Hold'em table*.

How do I qualify?
Flop a Royal Flush and win the pot.

What do I win?
100% of the jackpot amount

Are there any conditions?
A player must reveal their cards at showdown, win the pot and have received a Royal Flush using their two hole cards and the Flop in order to win the jackpot.

When is the jackpot available?
The Royal Flush Jackpot is available on eligible tables all day, every day.




How much is my jackpot contribution?
Players don't make a jackpot contribution. Each hand, on eligible tables, The Star will contribute a pre-determined amount to the jackpot.

What if two or more people qualify for the jackpot at the same time?
If more than one person is eligible for the jackpot at the same time, those players will receive an equal share of the jackpot amount.

How do I claim my prize?
For minor payouts, winners will be paid at the table, and for major jackpots, you will be escorted to the Cashier by a representative of The Star.


*Excludes Tournament tables and Non-Jackpot tables.